Outreach a Touchdown

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Dear Friends in Christ:

Imagine this. Its a cold February evening and you are one of scores of men in line - hoping that the Men's Shelter in downtown Charlotte will have room for you tonight. While in line, a group of guys start discussing the Super Bowl to be played in a few days. Because you were not always without a home, or a television, you recall the times gathered, perhaps with famly and friends to watch the game, have a snack and enjoy the good natured ribbing that seems to come with each down or snap. But not this year

But - by the power of the Holy Spirit Saint John's was able to host scores of those homeless men, for an ecvening at St. John's where we offered an array of great home made chili, fixin's and treats in our Parish Hall where we had the game on 3 big screens ! 'He who has ears, let him hear" - this was pretty darned awesome!!

The plan was birthed in the lay order, and executed by the lay order. There was no Rector or Bishop from on high saying this needed to happen. In fact, I recall clearly the conversation at staff meeting where we decidied that any sort of a significant celebratuion around the Super Bowl was just too much hassle this year. And in that space - the Lord did His will and we looked out and beyond ourselves and opend up our churcHome so that men in an abnormal circumstance could, for a period of time, be out of the cold, in a safe and caring environment, have a hot meal made with love just for them, and watch a football game just like the rest of the country... and that is CHristian ministry at about it's best.





Michael B. Curry February 4, 2013 2:51pm


Carson Dean, Men's Shelter Director February 6, 2013 11:39am

Thank you friends! The men had an incredible time and we were all touched by your generosity and fellowship.