Rector Search


All applications were thoroughly reviewed by each team member, and all video conference interviews are complete. A St. John’s member provided a wonderful location for our multiple meetings, and we are most grateful to that parishioner who was so generous to share a space with us for several late evenings.

Our Process
Each candidate chosen from the larger group of applicants for a video conference was interviewed for at least an hour by the committee. We opened with a prayer, and the candidate closed each session with a prayer. Four different team members asked particular questions of each candidate, along with questions tailored for each specific candidates. These went very well and provided us additional information and insight into each candidate.

We then narrowed this group of candidates down and are now in the process of doing first level background checks and obtaining Bishop Sam’s blessings.

Happening Now
We are developing detailed itineraries as we bring some of these candidates and their spouses to Charlotte. During these visits, our search team will meet with our candidates face to face, hear them deliver a sermon and offer communion, and participate in informal discussions and an in-depth interview. Our candidates will see St John’s, learn more about us, and get to know Charlotte.

Although we would love to share more specifics, tremendous sensitivity remains as only one candidate will be recommended. The confidentiality of individuals remains paramount to the search team. We thank you so much for your continued respect for this process and the confidentiality of the individuals involved in it.

Please continue to be thankful for our candidates and especially pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the next critical steps.

With our love and thanks,
Your Search Team

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Dana Burgess (Vestry)

David Cash

Liza Devine (Youth)

Merrill Gowdy

Mike Harrington

Sherry Laurent

Rhett Leake

Erin Lyman

Greg McAbee

Janie McIntyre (Chair)

Bill Nuttall (Vestry)

David Tipple

Jen Walker

Cate Watson (Youth)

Reid Joyner (Volunteer Scribe)


Almighty God, we ask for your guidance and blessing as we seek a rector for St John’s.  

Give us open minds and the ability to truly listen and hear each other and those who have entrusted us with this ministry.  

Be present in all our gatherings and deliberations;  make us aware of your love and will for us; give us courage and good humor,

and keep us mindful of our calling to serve your purpose and to witness to your love in all we do and say; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen 

OTM Profile 

Another important part of the rector search process in The Episcopal Church is the OTM (Office of Transition Ministries) profile.

Both the congregation searching and the rector applicants fill out and file their OTM profiles, which have similar questions,

with the Office of Transition Ministries located in New York City.

St John’s Search Committee and Vestry are diligently working on the responses to the 12 questions (see below) and when they are approved they will be published for the congregation to see.

When St. John’s files their profile, tentatively scheduled in June, the position will be posted and the Search Committee will begin to receive names after the posting is completed.

1. Describe a moment in your worshipping community’s recent ministry which you recognize as one of success and fulfillment.

2. Describe your liturgical style and practice. If your community provides more than one type of worship service, please describe all:

3. How do you practice incorporating others in ministry?

4. As a worshipping community, how do you care for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being?

5. Describe your worshipping community’s involvement in either the wider church or geographical region.

6. How do you engage in pastoral care for those beyond your worshipping community?

7. Tell about a ministry that your worshiping community has initiated in the past five years. Who can be contacted about this?

8. How are you preparing yourselves for the Church of the future?

9. What is your practice of stewardship and how does it shape the life of your worshipping community?

10. What is your worshiping community’s experience of conflict? And how have you addressed it?

11. What is your experience leading/addressing change in the church? When has it gone well? When has it gone poorly? And what did you learn?

12. Please provide words describing the gifts and skills essential to the future leaders of your worshiping community.