Meet the New Rector of STJE


On behalf of your Search Committee and the Vestry, we are pleased to introduce the 6th rector of St. John’s E

piscopal Church, The Reverend Peter Floyd. Peter will be joining us from The Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he has been serving as rector. We will also be welcoming Peter’s wife, Jeneen, and his two daughters-Eden (11) and Mary-Evelyn (6).

Peter cherishes being a parish priest and highly values pastoral care. He strives to make worship services meaningful to all, “I want worship to be enriching, transcendent, and meaningful to the people present.” Peter believes that the future of the church depends on strong laity, focusing on “a staff-centered program model that emphasizes lay ministry.” He loves to teach and maintains a strong connection with the youth, saying he will gladly “take a pie to the face.” Peter is tech-savvy, with experience in website development, maintaining social media accounts, implementing online parish directories, and setting up a particularly interesting digital kiosk system for parish program sign ups. He has also implemented a thriving Newcomers welcome program. Personally, Peter loves camping and being outdoors, spending time with family, and laughing as much as possible. He maintains a regular prayer and devotional life, and spends time “in quiet listening to God.”

We look forward to Peter and his family joining us this January and giving them a warm, St. John’s welcome. God has truly guided us to the person He knew we needed, and we have been blessed beyond measure to start this new chapter at St. John’s with Peter.

Meet Rev. Peter Floyd

Rev. Peter Floyd preaching in the Diocese of Colorado

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