Preschool with kids
Preschool with kids


St. John’s Preschool is a ministry of St. John’s Episcopal Church. The Preschool Director Jenny Taylor, along with the dedicated staff will seek to serve young children and their families in the Charlotte area.

We believe a good preschool program should be based on developmental principles; this will be the basis of designing our educational experiences.

Our curriculum is directed toward the formation of basic concepts and readiness skills though the use of many varied “hands on”, concrete learning experiences  and above all, we believe that each child is sacred, special, and unique. We seek to meet his or her particular individual needs in a secure, emotionally supportive environment.

 Every child is treated, at all times, as God’s own and is treated in a fashion which would please Jesus Christ, a lover of children. It is our sincere hope that the children who come to St. John’s Preschool will find a joyful, enriching learning experience that will develop a love for learning and a sense of security that will last a lifetime.

 St. John’s Preschool has been providing the community a Christian environment encouraging the growth of each child’s individual talents and a love for learning since 1977.

St. John’s Preschool will promote positive self-esteem through age appropriate activities, positive role modeling and unconditional love in a safe environment.

 Children will attain this goal through:

  • Support from loving, non-dominating teachers.
  • Learning self value and the value of others.
  • Being accepted within a group, as well as accepting others.
  • Age appropriate materials and activities that encourage curiosity, excitement and joy for learning.
  • Learning responsibility, problem solving & good decision making skills. 

By working together, we can teach our children to have positive self-esteem which will help them become happy and healthy adults.

 Preschool Fee Schedule

For more information, please call our Preschool at 704-366-3676.