Adult Education

Sunday Adult Education and Fellowship

Sunday morning is not only a time to worship the Lord and learn how to be better Christian disciples, it is a time to catch up with friends and in some cases even family! And so, on Sunday morning, St. John’s is a place to catch up with friends, share in an enthusiastic Bible study and discussion or talk about important issues in your life and the world. The Sunday service leaflet will always have class information and a map to help you find your way. Information about on-going classes is available in the Welcome Center, on the website or feel free to call the Parish Office (704-366-3034) and we will be glad to help you find something to feed your heart and soul.

Something’s Brewing

This is a wonderful lay-led group that gathers to discuss matters of life in our families, in our community, and in the world. Sometimes the topics are just fun and interesting and sometimes the topics are challenging. Like all conversations at St. John’s, we are guided by the teachings of Jesus about how we should treat our neighbor – and everyone here is our neighbor. So, even when the topic is challenging we are kind and generous and gracious to one another. Topics are decided by the group, but are always appropriate to the Body of Christ. Some of the topics discussed recently are: “Christian Discourse – How to Have Really Hard Conversations in the Church” “The Christian Response to Violence in the World”, “Facts about Islam”, “Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte.”

For People New to St. John’s

In the Fall and in the Spring, St. John’s offers a class to help new folks learn how to enjoy and benefit from a full life at St. John’s. We will introduce you to the staff and church leaders. We will explain how things work, and, most importantly we will make it easy for you to get involved in a way that feeds your soul and moves the Gospel forward in the world. Watch for announcements about meeting times and places, or contact Laura Pruitt.

Becoming an Episcopalian

The first thing to say is that one does not need to “become” an Episcopalian to be one of us at St. John’s. Some people will choose to learn more about the Episcopal Church and may even want to become Episcopalians. Usually offered in the Spring, while our young people are preparing for Confirmation, we offer a class for adults who would like to learn more about the Episcopal Church. This class is led mostly by the priests of St. John’s and is advertised well in advance. You are always invited to contact one of the priests who are delighted to have time with you and answer any questions you may have. You may also find the FAQ’s about “What We Believe” to be helpful.


St. John’s is called and committed to send Christian Disciples into the community to serve God’s people beyond our parish church. There are classes offered from time to time, specifically to prepare people to practice discipleship. Look for information in our service leaflets, the website and the Welcome Center.

Bible Study

At St. John’s we believe Biblical literacy is fundamental to overall spiritual health. Sunday morning offers many parishioners an opportunity to attend a Bible study led by one of our priests. Our Sunday morning Bible studies offer fine scholarship and a good time.

Special Educational Offerings

From time to time, as the life of the parish dictates there are special offerings on a Sunday morning. There are those occasions when we want to gather all of the adults at once for a special teaching or business of the parish. These are normally announced well in advance. (See your parish program calendar, published 3 times annually – Fall, Winter and Summer.) Some of the special gatherings are: The Annual Meeting of the Parish, The Presentation of Vestry Nominees, The Election of the Vestry, Projects for World Hunger.


Education for Ministry (EfM) is a comprehensive 4-year program that includes an in-depth exploration of Holy Scripture, Church History, and Moral and Ethical Theology. Registration for EfM takes place each summer. Brochures are available in the office and questions can be directed to Mtr. Nan.


In our Holy Baptism we promise to be faithful in “fellowship.” At St. John’s we think the Church has a responsibility to facilitate and support just that activity. So, if on a Sunday morning you want to spend some time visiting with and making new friends, we invite you to do so. We hope that in time a class will excite you, but until then…have another cup of coffee!