Planned Giving

Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways to create a gift to St. John's using accumulated resources.

Although planned giving usually involves financial or estate planning, it is not reserved for the wealthy. Planned giving is for anyone concerned with the wise use of his or her personal resources and provides the opportunity to make a considered choice about their ultimate disposition.

Planned gifts are either outright gifts (i.e., gifts of appreciated securities, real property, personal property, etc.) or deferred gifts (i.e. bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts).

We are stewards of God’s bounty. For a brief period we are given time, energy, and resources. What we do with these gifts ultimately defines the character of our life and the depth of our spiritual understanding.

For more information on the various ways to make a planned gift to St. John's, please contact Karen Mayer, our Assistant for Administration & Finance.