Our Clergy

The Rev. Dr. Robert Voyle, Interim Rector

Rob+ can be reached at 704-366-3034, ext. 231 (O), 704-620-0315 (M)  or via email at  

The Rev. Dr. Brad Smith, Senior Associate for Christian Formation and Spiritual Development

Brad+ can be reached at 704-366-3034, ext. 224 (o), (704)288-8118 (m), or email at   

Receiving Care

The priests of St. John's are always ready and willing to support anyone who is in need by providing prayer, Healing Service, counseling, or just a quiet, listening presence-- in your home, over a cup of coffee, in the hospital, or in the church.  We are also happy to share in your moments of joy and celebration, to offer prayers of thanksgiving and blessings. 

Neither care nor celebration are impositions on our time—these are the moments for which God calls us into ministry and for which we train and prepare. Please call the church office to speak with one of the priests if you or your family need prayer, counseling, or any form of pastoral care.

If there is a pastoral emergency please call 704-366-3034 press 1 and your call will be transferred to our message center , and one of the priests will respond as quickly as possible.

The Parish Health Team also provides support in time of need through a variety of ways, including Meals Ministry, Visitation Ministry, and Eucharistic Visitors, to name but a few.