Our Clergy

Rev. Paul S. Winton

The Rev'd Fr. Paul S. Winton, Rector

I am now in my sixth year as Rector of Saint John’s, my third and (one hopes) final call. I delight in ministry in a thriving parish and love change in almost all its forms. I have fun developing big visions for the parish and then working through and with others to see them become reality—which accounts for much of the vibrancy of the parish. I love to preach and teach, but delight in all aspects of service as a parish priest. My favorite part of ministry is developing clergy as they begin their ministry, so they can serve the larger Church as effective leaders. It is a special privilege possible for larger parishes.

While I came to St. John’s single, I am now married to Ms. Dana Handy Hay, and in addition to a grown son, I now have the joy of sharing in the life of Dana’s daughter as well.

The demands of a large parish leave little time away, but that is spent tinkering with old cars and wood working—I have have a particular fondness for garages and carpenter shops and thinking and writing about big concepts. I am a depressed Dallas Cowboys fan who cheers for the Panthers when they are not playing the Cowboys. I love movies, non-German language opera, classical music, and the slow study of theoretical physics.

My best friend is Louie, pictured here at the right, “helping” me with a home remodeling project.

Rev. Nancee CekutaThe Rev'd Mtr. Nancee Cekuta, Associate Rector

Mother "Nan" Nancee Cekuta earned her Master of Divinity degree from the School of Theology at Sewanee in 2015.  Prior to seminary she lived in Atlanta, GA and worked in the corporate world.  She has two grown daughters, a son-in-law, and a grandson all still in the Atlanta area.  Mother Nan grew up in upstate New York and still enjoys annual trips to visit her mom, Lake Ontario, and Niagara Falls.  In 2014 Mother Nan spent time on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota; this experience unearthed a passion for youth and street ministries.  Now that Mother Nan is away from the demands of the academic world she hopes to reconnect with her love for the performing arts, hiking, photography, and tai chi.  She enjoys cheering on the NY Yankees, Buffalo Bills, and the Georgia State Panthers.

Mother Nan can be reached at 704-366-3034, ext. 233, or via email at   

Receiving Care

The priests of St. John's are always ready and willing to support anyone who is in need by providing prayer, Healing Service, counseling, or just a quiet, listening presence-- in your home, over a cup of coffee, in the hospital, or in the church.  We are also happy to share in your moments of joy and celebration, to offer prayers of thanksgiving and blessings. 

Neither care nor celebration are impositions on our time—these are the moments for which God calls us into ministry and for which we train and prepare. Please call the church office to speak with one of the priests if you or your family need prayer, counseling, or any form of pastoral care.

If there is a pastoral emergency please call 980-220-3474 , and one of the priests will respond as quickly as possible.

The Parish Health Team also provides support in time of need through a variety of ways, including Meals Ministry, Visitation Ministry, and Eucharistic Visitors, to name but a few.